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The 'At Risk Teachers' campaign aims to provide support and advocacy for the abandoned Afghan British Council teachers currently in Afghanistan & Pakistan 

We aim to:

  • Remind the UK Government & the British Council of their responsibility to this cohort of teachers.

  • Encourage the UK Government to make effrots to get all teachers relocated as soon as possible.

  • Encourage the FCDO to process ACRS applications, review rejections & address all cases not yet approved.

  • Encourage the British Council to communicate with the teachers.

  • Encourage the British Council to communicate with the FCDO.

  • Increase the sharing of key information between the teachers/ FCDO/ BC etc.

  • Encourage the BC to provide education for the stranded teachers and their families.

  • Encourage the FCDO to provide adequate access to healthcare and medication for those in Pakistan hotels.

  • Ensure the teachers are not forgotten. Having been forgotten in 2021, they fear being forgotten again.

  • Help raise the voices of this overlooked and under-represented group of teachers

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